Side project: Fixing Spaz

webOS always had tons of twitter clients, most of them great. But then came the most recent death of webOS some time later the API change of twitter. This lead to tons of formerly great twitter clients for webOS now being obsolete and not working anymore.

Screenshot of Spaz HD with columns for multiple accounts and unified Mentions column.
Screenshot of Spaz HD with columns for multiple accounts and unified Mentions column.

Ever since I discovered for my TouchPad I loved Spaz HD. It has this nice configurable column interface where you can easily have timelines of multiple accounts next to each other. Yes, I have two twitter accounts, one for my webOS-ramblins (mostly written in English for the international people) and one for my more political discussions (written in German). With Spaz HD I could manage them easily from one single card.

The other advantage of Spaz HD over the only remaining twitter client out there, Project Macaw, is that it feels more responsive. Macaw is a great client, too. I like it on my phone, very much. But to be hones, I can’t stand to use it on my TouchPad. Especially interacting with the App-Menu feels so damn laggy almost all the time. Probably someone has to go through the code and add “enyo.nextTick” into UI callbacks, so that the come back faster and the UI stays responsive.

Anyway, a few months ago Metaview fixed the API issues in Spaz HD (and Spaz) (and also enabled unified columns, so you can have mentions and messages from all your accounts in one column. Great!). I used that for some months, but noticed that sometimes tweeting would fail. Today I investigated that issue a bit more and found out that some characters, namely !, (, ) were not encoded correctly on their way to twitter. Apparently the 1.1 API got more selective there. So I fixed that and Metaview build some new packages (so most of the credits belong to him anyway!):

Install them via Preware and have fun. Maybe we’ll somehow get them into App catalogue some day.  Until then, spread the word.

5 thoughts on “Side project: Fixing Spaz

  1. Just installed the phone version via WOSQI. WOSQI claimed that the installation failed, but it’s there on my Pre3 and seems to be working. I hadn’t removed the original Spaz app first–could that have caused WOSQI to throw out the spurious error message?

    Anyway, no problem for me, I don’t think, but it might throw others for a loop.

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