Google Reader replacements

In a previous post I was looking for a Google Reader alternative for webOS. Shortly after that post I found a TheOldReader app in the app cataloge. Actually this is a modified feeder version. I tried it and it is a decent app (I had some issues with TheOldReader itself, though with missing articles and not updated feeds).

Another possible alternative is to run your own server with Tiny Tiny RSS. This works quite nice and has a web interface which is simple. For webOS there is only an inofficial client though: tt-rssenyo. It is a bit rough, but works nice, too. Currently you’d have to build it from the source yourself, sadly.

What about feedly? I abandoned feedly for some reasons. One of them is that I never got any feedback on any of my requests. Neither for API access (which is now public) nor for APP keys (which are now required) or anything else. So I’m not willing or even able to build a webOS client for feedly. Would be quite fast to implement based on the open source client feeder. Maybe someone else will stand up, someday?

I’ll maybe invest some time in improving the tt-rss client from above, which I am using regularly now. The original author switched to Blackberry, but it’s enyo and quite platform independent. Maybe we’ll get that into the App cat someday, or at least into Preware.

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