webOs in need of a Google Reader alternative

Google Reader will die soon. That’s sad.

I see two alternatives:

The first version would be better, because you don’t need to set up your own server… But: A client does not yet exist. So currently the second option is the more likely one.

If I get access to the feedly.com api (I applied), then a solution for feedly.com can become likely, too. There are quite some webOs feed readers that got open sourced:

If I get access to the feedly.com api and the api really is similar to the google reader one, that I might be able to update one of the above mentioned feed readers to use the feedly.com cloud service quite fast and publish it in the HP app cat. That would be great.

Let’s see what the future holds.

2 thoughts on “webOs in need of a Google Reader alternative

  1. I am currently in exile from webOS using a crappy Android device with a portrait qwerty keyboard. RAM is anemic. WiFi won’t stay connected. I long to buy another Veer (mine broke) but RSS sync is a killer app. If you can build something that syncs with Feedly or TheOldReader, I’d buy HARDWARE to run it. Please!

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