I’m still around

It is getting quite in webOs land. I fear people already noted that. Many developers left us and also a lot of users. I’m not sure if anybody is still using anything I ever published to webOsnation. Maybe?

If you got here, be asured: I am still actively using my webOs devices (a Veer, a TouchPad) and so does my wife (a Pre3 and also a TouchPad). So I am still in need to sync them with my eGroupware Server (i.e. I am still working on my SyncML Plugin).

Additionally I bought a Galaxy Nexus nearly a year ago and did play with that and Open webOs. Issue with Open webOs is: It has no Mojo. Therefore a lot of apps for the Pre won’t work on Open webOs and this also includes Preware. So I got in contact with webOsports and was working a bit to get Preware rewritten in Enyo2 and running on Open webOs (yeah, future.. here we come. :)). That took a bit time away from my SyncML efforts… but then again I did not have thaaaat much time to spent on them, anyway.

I hope that will change again, a bit, in the future… I got some ideas on how to best sync tasks. Maybe I’ll look into that in the near future. I looked a lot into contact sync in the last week.

There still is an issue one of my french friends had. The app is not really nice to the memory consumption and gets killed if it tries to sync too many items at the same time. I need to restructure that to only load the items into memory that get send during with the next message. That will limit memory consumption to some managable level. I did not achieve that, yet… this really needs a lot of restructuring and will break a lot of things. I hope I’ll manage to look into that someday soon.

Anyway, feel free to look into Preware 2 (the Enyo2 version) and give me some feedback.

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