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As short side project I created an app that exports messages from the webOS 2.x and 3.x message database and writes them into a text file.

There were some people on the webosnation forum who asked for a way to get their messages into Excel: http://forums.webosnation.com/hp-pre-3/311205-sms-mms-transfer.html

Because they had some thousand messages my advices with command line stuff did not help them so much, so I figured I write a small app. The issue with the app is, that it needs access to the message db, which apps usually don’t get in webOS. To circumvent that issue, there is  either a command line that you have to execute or you can install a patch. The app is published in the preware feeds: http://www.webosnation.com/export-messages

Also the code for the app is on github: https://github.com/Garfonso/ExportMessages

The patch has been submitted to the patch portal. But you can also download it from github: https://raw.github.com/Garfonso/ExportMessages/master/permission.patch

I hope that helps some people.

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  1. I hate to add to your load, but do you know of a way to export the notes from a Pre 3? I have hundreds of notes from way back in the Palm Pilot days. Could it be as easy as changing your Messaging Export program to point to the notes in the db?

  2. I think an Export Memos app is easy to achieve, yes. I can’t promise when it would be finished…
    Is it ok to export as csv file? Or should we produce separate text files for each memo?

    1. Well, each memo separate would be ideal, but whatever format is able to upload to a note app like Samsung’s S Memo. I’ll do some research and see what S Memo requires. Thanks!

    2. I’ve decided to go with “Note Everything Pro” because it purports to have a way to import WebOS Memos. However, they must be in CSV format, so that’s the way to go when you have a chance.

  3. Your Export Messages app is a godsend. Many thanks. However, I have the identical problem as Mark Jones (assuming that by “Notes” he means “Memos”). I have been anxiously trying to find a way to transport my MANY Memos, which contain A LOT of important information, out of my Pre3. your help would be greatly appreciated. I’m fine with whichever is easier, separate text files or a CSV file, as long as I can distinguish one memo from another and potentially upload them to another device at some point.

    Thanks again,

  4. GREAT!! You just made my day. However, when I try to use either Messages or Notes, I’m getting the following error message:

    Database Failure: Error = palm://com.palm.db/find {“query”:{“from”:”com.palm.message:1″,”limit”:100,”incDel”:false},”count”:true} db: permission denied

    The indication is that database access has still not been permitted, even though I reinstalled the patch multiple times. So ultimately I haven’t been able to get your Export apps to work :-/ Has anyone else mentioned that they encountered this problem?

  5. Did you reboot the whole device, not just luna?

    You can also try to use Internalz or command line or something and edit /etc/palm/db/permissions/com.palm.note.
    You need to copy one entry and make it look like
    “type”: “db.kind”,
    “object”: “com.palm.note:1”,
    “caller”: “info.mobo.*”,
    “operations”: {
    “read”: “allow”
    Be sure to get the , right.

    Or you can try this command lines (for notes):
    luna-send -a com.palm.app.notes -n 1 palm://com.palm.db/putPermissions ‘{“permissions”: [{“type”: “db.kind”, “object”: “com.palm.note:1”, “caller”: “info.mobo.exportnotes.service”, “operations”: {“read”:”allow”}}, {“type”: “db.kind”, “object”: “com.palm.note:1”, “caller”: “info.mobo.exportnotes.service”, “operations”: {“read”: “allow”}}]}’

    luna-send -a com.palm.app.messaging -n 1 palm://com.palm.db/putPermissions ‘{“permissions”: [{“type”: “db.kind”, “object”: “com.palm.message:1”, “caller”: “info.mobo.exportmessages.service”, “operations”: {“read”:”allow”}}, {“type”: “db.kind”, “object”: “com.palm.message:1”, “caller”: “info.mobo.exportmessages.service”, “operations”: {“read”: “allow”}}]}’

  6. Got Messages going (it’s running on my 15000 messages now). Next up is Notes. Once again, thank you so much .


    1. I exported messages but they seem to be in txt format not xml, my android sms backup and restore calls this an invalid file. How do I convert the txt file into a usable xml?

    1. You can call the service directly from the on-device command line. Get to the device command line there either using novaterm or WOSQI on your PC.

      Then type:
      luna-send -n 1 -a info.mobo.exportmessages.app palm://info.mobo.exportmessages.service/doExport ‘{“xml”:false, “filename”: “messages.txt”, “onlySMS”: true}’

      you can replace the false behind “xml” with true, if you want to get the xml format for import on an android device. You can switch “onlySMS” to “false” if you also want to get IM messages. The file goes into /media/internal, i.e. the USB partition.

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