Status Update

I recon that I did not write much here for quite some time. I think it’s time for a status update.

First, the most important thing: I’m still actively working on this and I’m also still using this on my webOS Phones and TouchPads. 🙂

Now, what works:

  • Works on webOS 2.2.4 Phones and webOS 3.0.5 tablets (2.1.1/2.1.2 works, but has some quirks sometimes. Need someone to test that version)
  • Installation via Precentral Feeds (i.e. via Preware on the device)
  • Calendar, no Contacts yet, still, sadly… 🙁
  • Calendar sync from the stock calendar app
  • Setup accounts from stock account app (Phones only)
  • Setup and modify accounts from SyncML app
  • Periodic sync of calendar (like every hour or every day, configurable from app or during creation. FYI: google calendar syncs every 20min). Sync only happens if there is a “fair” internet connection

Most probably I, again, did miss something… but I can tell you that calendar stuff is working very well for me with eGroupware over here. I am testing some other servers during development, but of course not so very exhaustive… If you use some server that supports SyncML for your calendar (like funambol, most webbased groupwares or even evolution with syncevolution on linux desktops), feel free to try this SyncML Synergy Connector (and App) and if something does not work, give feedback to me. Either here, via E-Mail or via the webOS nation forums. I’ll be listening. 🙂

One thought on “Status Update

  1. Thanks for the great work. The calendar sync is working fine on my HP Veer (2.1.1) with funambol-server installed on my local PC.
    Im really looking forward for the Contact sync.

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