LuneOS release


as people might have noticed LuneOS is finally… uhm.. released? It is a first Beta version and shows a lot of progress. It still is a bit from a daily driver, though. If you happen to have one of the supported devices, I can only recommend to try it. Especially on the TouchPad it is quite easy to set up.

So what did I supply to this build in the end? There are a number of things, actually. 🙂 As you might now I created the C+Dav connector (which also runs on legacy webOS). So you have contact and calendar sync with every server out there that supports the carddav and/or caldav protocols. Which includes Google and Yahoo but also home based solutions like Owncloud (there are even owncloud hosting services out there) and eGroupware. Together with that contact sync goes a (still very rough) contacts app that I worked on. Probably this PIM will be my main field of involvement for the next updates, too (if not somebody else steps up and wants to work on a nice contacts app or calendar app).

Then the update service was my work as was the permission handling for media db. So I’m still more the guy that works behind the curtain and my work is not so visible. 😉 Ah.. with one more exception from that: I drove Preware 2 a bit forward. It can now install IPKs from disk and from URLs.

If you find any bugs in those, feel free to contact me. Or even better open a ticket in our bug tracker and assign me. 😉

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