Monthly Archives: October 2012

Contact export patch

There now is a patch in Preware called “Enhanced Contact VCard Export“. The patch repairs some defiencies in the contact export of webOS. 
One of those, the URL issue, is handled by my SyncML App also. Nonetheless, it makes sense for people trying the SyncML App to install the patch if available to you, because the SyncML App uses that very export function in webOS to export contacts and send them to the server. 🙂

Export Messages

As short side project I created an app that exports messages from the webOS 2.x and 3.x message database and writes them into a text file.

There were some people on the webosnation forum who asked for a way to get their messages into Excel:

Because they had some thousand messages my advices with command line stuff did not help them so much, so I figured I write a small app. The issue with the app is, that it needs access to the message db, which apps usually don’t get in webOS. To circumvent that issue, there is  either a command line that you have to execute or you can install a patch. The app is published in the preware feeds:

Also the code for the app is on github:

The patch has been submitted to the patch portal. But you can also download it from github:

I hope that helps some people.

Contact Sync

Just a short status update (I really need to configure Poster for this blog. ;)).

I implemented and published a first experimental contact sync. The contact sync currently has multiple issues:

  • Character encoding issue (for example umlauts)
  • Photos do not get synced at all
  • Some servers (for example eGroupware) behave very strange. I believe this is, because they don’t know my app
  • Contacts don’t show up on the TouchPad at all

The TouchPad issue is quite strange. The contacts are correctly stored in the database… the same code works fine on the phones. But on the TouchPad the contacts app and also Just Type won’t show the contacts at all. I need to investigate that further…

Currently I advise you to be very careful, if you use contact sync… maybe first try One-Way-From-Server sync.

BTW: I fixed an issue that made the app forget One-Way-From-Server (or similar) if the server requested a slow sync and made it switch to “Two-Way” sync. This is now fixed and slow sync will switch back to One-Way-From-Server correctly.