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CardDav and CalDav connector

I always wondered, why there was no CalDav/CardDav synergy connector for webOS. CalDav is one of these web (or at least web-like) open standards that webOS usually uses.

Since some time webos-ports put some effort in creating a synergy connector for CardCav. The repository can be found here. The day I recognized that activity I got in touch with them and moved the connector forward quite a bit. Especially the CalDav part and that it is using the webOS Mojoservice-Sync-framework which takes away a lot of the pain doing a synergy connector was my idea and my work. Currently I am using the connector fine on my Veer and my wife’s Pre 3 for calendar and contact sync (contact only one way from server, calendar two way). I still have a private fork with more experimental version here.

The software sadly did not make its way yet into Preware or the App catalogue… you can apply as beta tester by contacting me ;-). I am still testing with my eGroupware server. Owncloud also seems to work fine, now. I did some rudimentary tests with Yahoo (calendar seems to be fine). Google Calendar is not yet working, though.

I think if webos ports gets this synergy connector into a stable release, open webos will solve one of it’s more pressing issues: That there are no synergy connectors delivered with it.

I must admit that I like the caldav connector that much, that I stopped using SyncML. Therefore that is bad news for all my SyncML using friends: further development of the SyncML connector is rather unlikely. SyncML support seems to be fading out in most server implementations, because CalDav is much easier to implement (actually it’s very similar to webdav and most is done by the webserver already…). A lot of the knowledge I gathered in writing the SyncML connector and quite some bits of the code did go into the CalDav connector. So I’m quite happy with the current situation. 🙂

Actually the most pressing issue in SyncML was the slow sync that did happen from time to time and liked to mess up my data a lot.

Maybe, if there are people that are really in need of the SyncML connector and can’t use anything else and are willing in testing (and risk loosing/messing up their data), I’ll reimplement the SyncML connector in the Mojoservice-Sync-framework also, which takes away some of the issues the SyncML connector always had. Till then it might benefit from some improvements in iCal/vCard parsing and generation. But nothing happened on this front, yet.