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node.js Service

Three days of hard work, but now the node.js service is completely implemented. The most parts of my js libraries could be transfered without many changes from the app to the node.js service. 🙂

Now the app merly is a gateway to the service, and we  have done the first important step towards automatic synchronization in the background.

Sadly though, I renamed  the service in early april. That, together with this nasty webOS bug hindered my service from working. Luckily only devices with the old, not working service with the old name installed are affected and I did the rename before I submitted the app to webos nation. So most people should be fine. 🙂

For the rest here are the instructions how to repair it:

  1. [Optional, step 3 might delte all data on the device] Install version 0.0.16 (get it from github) and do a sync of your data
  2. Install 0.1.1
  3. Execute sh /media/cryptofs/apps/usr/palm/applications/info.mobo.syncml.client/ on a command line on the device, use novaterm or webosquickinstall or a ssh connection
  4. Run the app
  5. Maybe you need to configure the account again
  6. Anyway, run a sync with “Refresh-from-server” set.

The biggest improvement for the user right now is much cleaner logs. The majority of the logging is now done in the background to the file  /media/internal/.info.mobo.syncml.log. In the app only some (hopefully) useful messages show up to give an impression of the status of the sync and what is working and what not. 🙂
Also the log is now send as attachement, which helps the webOS E-Mail app a lot. People can also get it via usb mode. It’s a great change, I think.

So… what next? Automatic background syncs? Or contacts?

Precentral Feeds

This weekend I decided to publish the current version of the app to the Precentral Feeds (or webosnation now?). If I did not make a mistake during the process the app should appear in the feed soon.

Also I cleaned up some more things. Now the sync automatically starts in the sync scene (a by product of the protection against to early start sync presses).

I hope I’ll get some test results from that. For me this works fine for months now.

Service can load library

It’s been quite sometime since the last update here and I must admit development also was on hold a bit. The current version still is working quite good for me, but the UI is not intuitive… I did a little change to the app version that it selects the first saved account automatically on start.

But still it will show statistics during sync, that are not working (so the numbers in the top of the app are not updated, they will always stay 0). In the logs there are some statistics, yes… But that’s not really intuitive.

One good thing for that is, that the main reason for the hold of development, my issues I had to load the syncml library I wrote in the node.js service are resolved. That is what I achieved this weekend. So I will be able to write a node.js service that does the synchronization. From what I understand that can be hooked (somehow? It’s undocumented as it seems :() into the sync of accounts, so that a SyncML account can act like a Google calendar or similar. What is still missing are the service assistants.

Additionally the service should help with contact sync implementation. A new Version can be downloaded here.